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The Creative Process

Creating a beautiful leather handbag is made up of several stages, from the inspiration or influence for a design through to the finishing touches. Whether it’s an evening bag, a bag for the rough and tumble of everyday life, or a holdall to take on your travels, the creative process is the same.


The creative process always begins with an idea and a design. A sample of each bag is produced to ensure that the dimensions, location of pockets, handles and straps all work together to ensure the result is a comfortable and usable item.


Selecting the right leather is an essential part of the creative process. Careful consideration is given to features such as grain, texture and thickness when matching the appropriate leather with each design. Some of our bags will require a defined structure and others a more fluid silhouette.

All of our leathers have been personally selected and developed especially for The Leather Store and are produced to EU safety standards. We use vegetable tanned leather for all of our bags and accessories. Vegetable tanning is an ancient, traditional process of using organic materials to produce and finish the hide. This achieves a natural looking, durable leather that will age beautifully and develop a unique patina over time. These are the hallmarks of a high quality, genuine leather product.

Our bags are lined with our distinctive floral print fabric. Lining fabric adds a layer of protection to the leather as well as giving a cheerful surprise when you look inside.  


Constructing a leather bag is made up of several stages. Once the leather pieces have been cut from our unique patterns, they are glued and machine stitched into place.   High quality hardware makes all the difference to the styling of a bag. Generally, we use antique brass hardware which looks stunning against the natural, warm tones of the vegetable tanned leather. To complete a high end finish, we use metal external zippers and where the design allows, protective base studs.


It’s important to us that what you see in our shop is as close to the real thing as possible. We take our own photographs and do our utmost to ensure that the images reflect the true colour and appearance of the item. This part of the creative process is incredibly enjoyable as we get to showcase our products.


Now that you have your new leather item, it’s important to know how to care for it and keep it looking beautiful. Genuine leather is a natural material and will need moisturising and care from time to time to keep it looking beautiful. Our items come with a complimentary pot of Renapur leather balm (subject to the suitability of the leather) and a cotton dust bag for storage. Renpaur is one of the UK’s leading leather care providers and their products contain only natural ingredients. We're delighted to collaborate with them.


Our customers are so important to us and we always love to hear from you, whether it’s to say how happy you are with your new bag or, to offer a suggestion for a new product. Many of our designs have been directly influenced by customer ideas.

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